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At peak of the fourth industrial revolution there were needs in creation of the company which will become the leader of world digital economy and will allow people to work for itself and to begin to lead full-fledged life. We managed to carry out and realize the first successfully conceived during an era of digital revolution. IT technologies - one of the most high-growth spheres of world economy. The company develops products, exclusively useful in terms of the ordinary inhabitant. Their main goal is the earnings excluding any kinds of risk. The SVK LTD direction is development of robots for the remote automated trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. SVK LTD allows to automate your trade completely. Using the strategies developed by community even beginners of this grew can seize the opportunities in the unstable cryptocurrency markets by means of our digital product. Trade on cryptocurrency platforms appeared unlike trading in the traditional financial markets quite recently. The cryptocurrency as a financial asset, is at a stage of formation and recognition around the world. Therefore work with this tool differs from trade in other financial resources, such as stocks, gold, etc. The cryptocurrency robot of the SVK LTD company is a hi-tech algorithm, reliable in terms of saving a deposit, which makes transactions and each hour of SVK LTD charges profit define how many to invest and what to establish criteria for purchase and sale, various approaches to search of points of purchase and sale are what does strategy different and respectively by the most profitable.


SVK LTD is full-fledged artificial intelligence which works 24/7 and needs reset only once in a month. For 4 years of faultless trade, the robot did not make any mistake and respectively all transactions were successful. In the virtual world the robot is the program which is adjusted on performance of the repeating actions. SVK LTD was created with the purpose to save from a human factor, its algorithm is a set of unique parameters by which he is guided at trade in currency, making thousands of transactions a day, and exposing warrants only at compliance this to those indicators which are profitable. For example, he can "check" the schedule of a rate of cryptocurrency for the last N days and begin to buy it if the schedule displays falling of a course within 10-15%, but to ignore currency if falling exceeds 25%. The robot also carries out arbitration transactions, trading within several exchanges at the same time, gaining income in result of purchase of currency at the exchange where the course is lower, and at other exchange where the course is higher, the profit fixed by a tariff he sends sales to balance each 60 minutes.


Successful trade in any assets has one formula: buy cheap, sell expensively. Cryptocurrencies — not an exception. The exchange of cryptocurrency – the platform for trade and exchange of some digital money for others (bitcoins, altcoins and stablecoins) or for various world fiat currencies (rubles, dollars, euro). There are two main classes: trade in cryptocurrency couples and arbitration transactions. Trade in couples is based on change of a ratio of the cost of one cryptocurrency to another, and allows to get profit on a difference between the currency price upon purchase and its price at sale to initial currency. The arbitration transaction is called the chain of logical actions with digital money for the purpose of receiving profit on a difference of rates of one currency within different platforms, allowing to get profit on a difference between the price of an identical asset on various trading floors.


Let's assume at us the starting capital of 1000 USD
Arbitration transaction:
On cryptocurrency exchange (A) the robot gets N BTC at the cost of 8000 USD for 1 BTC.
On cryptocurrency exchange (B) sells N BTC at the cost of 8050 USD for 1 BTC.
Trade in cryptocurrency couples: On cryptocurrency exchange the robot gets N ETH at the cost 1 BTC, after increase in the course ETH by 5% sells N ETH for 1 BTC 5%. The robot always analyzes the exchanges on existence of more favorable warrant for acquisition of currency. Daily our robots produce millions of operations on cryptocurrency exchanges that allows to guarantee safety of money of our investors.

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